iSolar participated in a Pilot, sponsored by the Independent Electricity Systems Operator (IESO) and Hydro One Brampton (now Alectra Utilities) in 2016/17, whereby 1,021 participants were enrolled, and between one and three iSOLAR ATTIC FANS were installed per home.    Pilot Conclusions included the following:

“Perhaps more than even savings, which were tougher for homeowners to estimate as it was a hot and long cooling season, comfort benefits were more often the driver behind positive participant feedback. Especially in two storey homes, where the pre-installation upper floor was significantly less comfortable than the lower one, the comfort improvements were significant. Close to a dozen customers made a special effort to contact HOB staff to let them know that there was a noticeable comfort improvement.”

We installed a couple of units on our home. They were so easy to install and it was great that they fit into our existing roof vents without having to cut or disturb any of our existing roofing materials. I love the fact that they are solar as no electrical connections were required. I never knew the importance of proper attic ventilation on the health of our home until I found out about these solar attic fans. Great return on investment.

K. Fedorchuk, St. Catharines Ontario.

We had a couple of our attic vents replaced with these solar vents. They were super easy to install and I'm really impressed with the difference it made on the temperature inside out house. Because my roof has a weird angle to it, we could tilt the solar part so it faces the sun properly. Great idea!!

K. Malcolm

Finally a product that focuses on our environment, my pocketbook, my health and my comfort. I installed three on my home in the fall of 2016 and noticed quite a drop in my electricity usage last summer. I have my office on our top floor and it was more comfortable on those hot, humid days. I saw some home renovators talk about the importance of keeping the air flowing in the attic to prevent mold. Cool product and reasonable price. The company also stands behind their product with a 20 year warranty.

N. Loucas

Love it!!! Made a huge difference on the second floor of our home. That wall of heat that used to exist in our bedroom in the heat of the summer is gone. We installed two solar attic fans on our roof. Love the fact that it will save us on energy costs but the big benefit for us is a more comfortable home.

K. Wray, Nanaimo, BC

I have already felt the difference. The temperature of the second floor feels the same as the main floor without any air conditioning, with the furnace fan running on low to circulate the air. I'm very pleased.


Normally I could never get the up stairs cool and it was uncomfortable for sleeping. Using floor vans did not help. When I walked up the stairs it was like hitting a wall of heat mid way. The up stairs was at least 7-10 degrees higher (or more). 

I had the panels installed late in the day but thought I felt a difference in the temperature on my upper floor that night.

By the next day I was SURE! I have monitored the temperature after having the solar panels installed and now it is only 1-2 degrees different. What a treat!

The only suggestion I have is 1 or 2 more panels installed would help even more and maybe some way to make them work on hot cloudy days as those days I feel a rise in temperature. Thank you for making my house a more even temperature, cool, and cost efficient home.


We installed the Solar Attic Fan in 2015 and were really surprised how well the hot air was blown of our upper floor resulting in much cooler temperatures in the summer.   We sleep much more comfortably at night now when summer temperatures are higher. Also, a feature that we particularly appreciated is that we could easily remove the Solar Attic Fan system from the roof without damage in order to move it to our next new house. This is a smartly designed product.


We own a two storey 2500 square foot home. In 2013 when we were upgrading our roof shingles it was the perfect time to install the Solar Attic Fan. As our roofing company needed to remove the old attic vent it was not an issue for them to reinstall the vents.

Immediately we noticed that our air conditioner did not need to be set at 69-70 degrees, which we were comfortable with. We were able to reset our programmable thermostat to 74 degrees during the day and enjoy the exact same cool temperate levels in our home. Our second floor no longer has a “wall of heat.”  Our electricity bills have clearly gone down during air-conditioning season.


Our attic is very well insulated. However, I always found it extremely hot in the upper level. You could actually feel the temperature change as you went up the stairs. Our air conditioner had difficulty cooling the upper level, and it was always at least 10 degrees hotter upstairs.

Within a very few hours of installing the Solar Attic Fan, the upstairs was noticeably cooler and our air-conditioner hardly came on at all. I was so impressed with the performance, that we had another fan kit installed into a vent in the lower section of the house. The installation was quick, with virtually no disturbance to the shingles or the existing roof vent.


Great product! Keeps my second story cooler on hot days.  Had an installation question which was answered quickly.  My electricity bill for August was the lowest it has ever been.

- Rob R., Stoney Creek, ON

As a roofer, I immediately recognized the benefits of this product which is why I installed two of them.  I have repaired a lot of roofs prematurely as a result of poor air circulation.  Plus I know my air conditioner isn't working as hard now as well AND my house is cooler. This product should be part of the building code!

- Gary H., Beamsville, ON

We installed two on our home.  Had problems with one, but it was resolved quickly with a phone call.  Customer service was very helpful.  We are glad we did this as our home is much more comfortable now.  We are waiting for our first electricity bill, it should be lower.

- Pete S., Vineland, ON

 We are enjoying the benefits of our  Solar Attic Fans.  We know it has reduced our air conditioning cooling costs considerably after being installed for only one year. We would highly recommend this device to anyone and as well hope that in the future some government agency might consider rebating the full or partial cost of purchase and installation as an incentive to save on energy usage.                                                                                          



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