A POWErful enhancement for roofing shingle eaves/gutter and solar projects

If your business and your technicians are licensed to work on a roof, here’s why you should investigate the Solar Powered Attic Fan (SPAF).

  • Simple, fast installation — minimal learning curve

  • No need to cut a single new hole in the roof

  • No wiring — no electrician needed

  • No city permits needed

  • Universal fitting product

  • Multiple applications—homes, workshops, lofts, storage sheds, garages, barns

  • Cost effectiveness/feature/benefit differentiation from market alternatives

  • Gets you into the solar business at low cost/low risk


What's in it for you?

  • A new cross-selling opportunity

  • Incremental revenue & profits

Solar attic venting has been around for a few years, however our specially designed one-piece mounting shroud with built-in fan (patented) Solar Attic Fan is unique in that it is the only unit on the market that retrofits into an existing passive attic vent and is universally fitting.

That means new holes do not need to be cut into the homeowner’s roof—a point that can cause a lot of grief with other solar attic fan devices.

Another distinguishing feature is that the Solar Attic Fan requires no connection to electricity. It’s purely solar driven. Mounted on the rooftop it harnesses the sun’s rays and immediately drives the fan, which evacuates approximately 400 cubic feet of air per minute (CFM) per 1000 square feet of living space. No electricians are required for installation. No city permits required. Most other “solar” attic fans cheat a little and also require some electrical connectivity.

Our Solar Attic Fan is right-sized. Based on numerous independent studies, it is determined that the ‘right size’ is a unit that can provide 400 CFM of air movement and evacuation. There are products on the market that provide 800 or even 1200 CFM. Well what if you don’t need that much? Oversizing may cause negative air-pressure. Most other products are oversized, less efficient and more expensive. That’s why we designed our unit to be modular in increments of 400 CFM. You simply use as many units as you need to get the right-sized air evacuation and the most optimal energy savings.

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Next time you’re called out to repair ice damming damage like this, think of the Solar Attic Fan from International Solar Solutions – it could be the solution to the problem – making it a great value-add to any contractor performing these repairs.

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The most innovative and best bang for your buck solar product on the market today!

Works perfectly alongside existing residential solar arrays.


Easy to install while new roof is being installed!