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Universal Fit Solar Powered Attic Venting System

What are solar powered attic vents?

Passive vents don’t provide active air movement. Turbines are only effective on windy days. So the majority of the time your attic is stagnant and continues to build up heat and moisture. The Nature’s Power Solar Attic Vent provides optimum ventilation on those hot breezeless days when you need it the most!

Clear the Air. Quickly.

The Nature's Power Solar Attic Vent provides a simple solution to many problems that can occur in your attic space. The fan in the Solar Attic Vent can successfully vent up to 1,000 square feet, operating up to 400 CFM in full sunlight. By quickly venting hot air and moisture out of your attic space, the Solar Attic Vent cools the roof and reduces extreme attic temperature, prolonging the life of your roof by reducing vapour build-up and preventing rust, rot, bacteria and mould. So whether it's summer or winter, the Nature's Power Solar Attic Vent is continually protecting your attic space and prolonging the lifetime of your roof.

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You can take it to the bank.

Wouldn't it be amazing to actually be able to save on the cost of air conditioning in summer and the cost of repairs due to moisture? Because the Nature's Power Solar Attic Vent is so efficient, it will help you save on your air conditioning costs by 10% to 50% during the summer months and will help move moisture out of your attic space during the winter months, reducing damage caused by mould and moisture and reducing repair costs. And because it is solar-powered, the Nautre's Power Solar Attic Vent does not add to your electricity costs.

Wire less. Really.

Most active attic vents need to be connected to a home's electric wiring and need a trained electrician to install them. The Nature's Power Solar Attic Vent's elegant design and use of solar power make this type of connection unnecessary and makes its installation very user-friendly. No extra labour cost, no city permits.

Elegant Design

The Nature's Power Solar Attic Vent was designed to be clean, simple, and easy to install and maintain. The Solar Attic Vent is designed with a universal fit and can be added to existing passive vents making installation quick and easy. And because it doesn't modify your structure and uses free solar energy, there is no need for electrical wiring, expensive electrical installation, or city permits. The durable frame of the Solar Attic Vent also allows for easy angle adjustment to capture the maximum amount of sunlight for maximum fan efficiency and it can be place wherever you need to improve circulation: attics, lofts, workshops, storage sheds, garages, and even barns.

And it all takes just 15 minutes.

Summer Season

During hot summer days, attic temperatures can exceed 160°. The Nature’s Power solar attic ventilation can reduce that temperature drastically.

No matter how much insulation is in the attic, heat can still transfer to adjacent living spaces. In fact, extra insulation can add to increasing temperature as heat can still transfer into insulation; proper ventilation is necessary to evacuate this excess heat. In turn, heat reduction decreases expensive air conditioning energy usage and can extend the lifespan of an air conditioning system.

Winter Season

In cooler months moisture is a serious concern. Even with the use of vapour barriers to keep moisture from entering the attic, air leaks can still occur around ceiling fixtures and bathroom exhaust fans (among other places) that permit unwanted moisture to enter the attic. The moisture then condenses on framing members and on the inside of the roof deck, leading to the growth of mould, mildew, and rot.

The superior ventilation provided by the Nature’s Power Solar Attic Vent also helps to prevent ice dams which form as a result of heated air melting the bottom layer of roof snow which then freezes again as it runs onto the uninsulated eaves.